Stables for a temporary and year-round stay. Milking the owners of horses. If you decide to visit Belarus with your horse, then here are the places where you can stay with care and walking, in some places even with grazing



Services offered: 👇
🔹Denniks 12 sq.m., car drinkers in all stalls🚰
🔹Light and spacious stable with wide aisles
🔹 Closed area ⛓ round-the-clock security 🕵 video cameras throughout the territory (above each horse stall)
🔹Daily cleaning of stalls
🔹 Weekly cleaning of the web 🕸
По Wash the drinkers
🔹6 one-time feeding of horses🍽 (plenty of hay (of various types), grain (flattened), carrot with linseed oil, muesli)
🔹Seno is purchased and brought by equestrian club from distant fertile lands and regions, only from proven fields
🔹The covered arena 24 × 64 with an entrance directly from the stable, euro ground, there are also stands for spectators
🔹 Worker left
🔹2 Barrels
🔹 Shagalka
🔹 Large lake (made specifically for swimming with horses)
🔹 3 big levadas for walking horses + grass levada🍀
🔹 A set of obstacles 💥
🔹Koval🔨veterinar💉 breeder, konovod🙌
Конку Jumping, dressage trainer
🔹 2 Rooms for private owners and lovers of equestrian sports
🔹Mesto in amunichnik 🐴
🔹 Summer and winter shower for horses 🚿
🔹 Laundry room
🔹 Shower room
🔹Rooms for rest
🔹All rooms are heated 🔥